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Life's Abundance
Agility Joint Formula Supplement

Life's Abundance Agility Joint Formula Supplement

Life's Abundance Agility Joint  Formula
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Agility Joint Formula
supports tissues needed for movement

Agility Joint formula is more than a Joint Supplement

If your dog is starting to have trouble climbing the stairs, jumping into your car, or other movements that use joints,  that might be a sign that she needs extra support.

Agility Formula Supplement helps nourish all the tissues needed for ease of movement.

It's tasty and easy to feed!

Agility formula for dogs can help you both enjoy more days of cuddles and play.

While Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) can result from the normal aging process, it is often accelerated in dog by an injury or other underlying health condition that causes stress or inflammation on the  joints.

What causes Joint Disease

Inflammatory compounds in the joint space disrupt the cartilage matrix which reduces its ability to retain water. As the cartilage dehydrates or dries out, it starts to become brittle and rubbery. Sorta like a piece of cheese you left out overnight. It also becomes more likely to splinter. If it gets bad enough, the underlying bone can also be affected.

Unfortunately, DJD in dogs is an irreversible process. Treatment is aimed at slowing down the progression of the disease, reducing pain, and maintaining movement in the joint.

It is a complex process with a lot of different elements, which means one thing -- the best treatment hits the disease process on multiple fronts.

This is defined as ‘multimodal disease management,’ and it’s the gold standard in DJD therapy.

There are a few fronts from which DJD and be attacked; such as, the use of anti-inflammatories, nutraceuticals and supplements,  adequan injections, weight loss, alternative treatment modalities, and prevention.

Unfortunately, by the time a dog starts to limp or shows signs of pain, they have usually had DJD for some time and it is fairly advanced.

That’s why preventive measures are so important.

Here’s a few suggestions that pet owners should learn from the get-go:

1. Maintain a healthy weight for your dog.
2. Maintain a regular exercise program to keep joints mobile and healthy.
3. Keep your dog on a healthy diet and add omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.
4. If your pet is highly active or in a higher-risk category for DJD, consider adding nutraceuticals and supplements such as Life's Abundance Agility Joint Formula to their diet sooner rather than later.

Age isn’t a disease, but DJD is. You really can’t begin joint healthcare early enough. From diet to exercise to supplements, put your plan in place now to keep your dog in good health long into their senior years!

If your precious dog is overweight? Pair Agility Joint Formula with Life's Abundance Weight Loss Dog Food and you'll start an amazing holistic approach for your precious friend